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For over 10 years, our team has serviced companies across Australia.

Range of Industries

We also have industry specialists who work with retailers, suppliers, wholesalers or manufacturers.

Up to Date Software

Training, implementation and recommendations in a variety of softwares such as Xero & MYOB, amongst others!

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About Us

Bookkeepers Melbourne is a highly-respected and trusted bookkeeping firm for small to medium sized business in Victoria. We place a high priority on developing long-term relationships while providing exceptional and affordable solutions specifically tailored for your company.

Since 2013, we have helped clients with their ever-changing financial needs. Our specialist team has been helping businesses from a range of industries, large and small, solve their bookkeeping problems.

Our professional team are also experts in XERO, MYOB, Quickbooks and other popular accounts and financial management software.

What we do

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Receivables and Accounts Payable

Effectively managing your accounts payable and receivable is key to ensuring cash flow. A bookkeeper can be hired to help your business in invoicing clients and managing debts. This will also ensure suppliers receive their payments on time.

Preparing activity statements

Our professional team can prepare and lodge your business's BAS Statements so you have one less task to worry about!

Bookkeeping is a great option for small businesses. We have years of experience in accounting for sole traders and small to large businesses.

Recognize and reconcile transactions

Fundamental bookkeeping includes the recording of an agreement between buyers and sellers for changes in the financial standings of several businesses or individuals.

MYOB & Xero Bookkeeping Specialists

Xero can also integrate with a variety of cloud-based third-party systems, which allow for additional functionality. You can customize it and allow for third-party integration.

Management reporting

We offer reporting services to provide all required reports for business owners/managers. Our team can quickly reconcile transactions, no matter if you use accrual or cash accounting. To ensure accurate reporting, they will use bank feeds as well as receipts. They can match transaction codes with your accounting software such Xero or MYOB.

Local Experts in

Cloud bookkeepers

The technology revolution is making every aspect of your life more efficient and easier... Bookkeeping is not an exception.

Enjoy the cloud with cloud-based Australian financial management software, which allows for access from anywhere and at any time . Our main Cloud-based software includes Xero Online, Quickbooks Online, and MYOB.

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Superannuation & Payroll

Our bookkeepers can manage your payroll and superannuation, and ensure your employees get their entitlements. They are also trained to calculate the correct amount of tax for every situation.

The rules of superannuation, payroll and other financial matters are always changing. This is something most business owners simply cannot keep up to date with.

Our team can assist in keeping track of any business changes and update your system and processes to ensure you meet all your obligations.

Take Control

Get to know your cashflow and what you can do

In addition to maintaining the books, we also give you an exact view of the key performance indicators. After reviewing the KPIs and analyzing the results, you can identify any issues in the business.

The king of all business is cash. We help with the cash flow management and budget estimation.

We are not just focused on bookkeeping management, we also want to empower you so that your record keeping is as simple and painless as possible.

We can automate a lot of manual work by using modern, advanced software.

Think about financial transactions recording themselves.

That's one example of how we can help you streamline your financial management.

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Your business will be more successful if you spend less time doing bookkeeping.

Our mission is to make your life easier. We can help streamline your bookkeeping, or take the burden off of you completely.

BKM is a company that aims to empower you to realize your full potential. Any staff member who needs advanced skills in accounting can also receive training from us.

You can rely on us to customise your software according to your specific accounting and business requirements.


Eliminate stress

A progressive company of specialists, we understand the importance of taking the stress out your business bookkeeping.

Experienced & Reliable

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Our local bookkeeping Service can help you in Melbourne.

We offer fixed price packages for businesses who require certified expertise.

Melbourne Cashflow for Bookkeepers


A bookkeeper costs anywhere between $500 and $2,500 per month. There is no fixed cost to hire a financial professional to help manage your company’s finances. The cost will vary depending on which financial advisor you choose and what your business is like.

While you might think that you can save more money by managing your own books, it actually costs you more in the long run. This is because professional bookkeepers are less likely to make mistakes, miss payments, or delay accounts receivable.

According to the BLS, bookkeepers are sometimes called bookkeeping clerks. Their job duties include making bank deposits, checking receipts and processing payroll.

Comparing bookkeeping and accounting Accounting focuses on the organisation and recording of financial information. Accounting is how that information is presented to investors and business owners.


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About Us

Bookkeepers Melbourne is a high-quality reputable bookkeeping firm servicing the small-to-medium sized businesses across Victoria.

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